Mercedes Bent
Mercedes BentFounder, BenToppin
Mercedes Bent is the Founder of BenToppin, an edtech and VR/AR consulting group. She formerly held executive and senior leadership roles at UploadVR and General Assembly. She is currently pursuing an MBA and Masters in Education focused on VR/AR at Stanford University. She formerly worked at Goldman Sachs and graduated from Harvard University with Honors in Economics.
Sylvanus Bent
Sylvanus BentAdvisor, Sr Consultant
Sylvanus Bent, CEO of Bent Systems, has over 25 years of experience as an executive, CTO and project manager. His achievements include leading technical teams at Apple, IBM, Taligent, RCA, Savi, and Akamai as well as co-founding several successful startups including Network24, a $220mm (USD) acquisition by Akamai. Recently he has served as a senior project management consultant, successfully leading global technology projects with budgets over $120mm (USD) and over 200 staff. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering from Duke University and a M.S. in Technology Management. He also holds a Federal CIO certificate, and is a certified Project Manager (PMP).
Jenn Duong
Jenn Duong360 Director, Consultant
Jenn is a director producer working in immersive technology and occasionally in traditional media. She most recently was the Head of Virtual Reality at 1215creative, an LA production company. Recently named in the top #25 in Onalytic’s 100 Top Individual VR Influencers, she is also a Future of Storytelling Fellow (2016), a featured creator that piloted the Google Jump Start program, as well as one of LA Weekly’s People of 2017.
Aaron Norstad
Aaron NorstadConsultant
Aaron Norstad is an experience specialist who has focused on bending technology innovations to allow the development of immersive and interactive media. Over the course of 20 years Aaron has launched tens of award winning products and games. Aaron has built training and educational products for organizations such as Adobe, Unity Technologies, LeapFrog Enterprises, and Ninth House Network, he has built gaming products for publishers including Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Warner Brothers, and PlayFirst and he has managed broadcast video and digital design projects for multiple advertising agencies.
Chelsea Byers
Chelsea ByersConsultant
Chelsea is the VP of Instruction at Galvanize, overseeing educational quality and supporting instructors. She has prior experience as an education Product Manager at Galvanize and as the Director of Instructor Development and Training at General Assembly. Chelsea also spent several years as a Teach For America math teacher in Oakland, CA and as a teacher at the Udine International School in Italy. She has a masters degree in Quantitative Analysis Political Science from the London School of Economics, where she also helped to train teachers and develop curriculum for a flagship outreach program at University College London.
Ned Atkins
Ned AtkinsConsultant
Ned Atkins is a VR/AR consultant and exhibition specialist. Previously, Ned worked at VRBase in Berlin as a consultant and at UploadVR as the Director of Education. Ned has produced several of the largest VR/AR industry exhibitions and events in the world to date and has a vast VR/AR network. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Science and Technology Management.
Paige Hoffman
Paige HoffmanConsultant
Paige Hoffman has spent seven years improving education as a teacher and more recently as a Director of Innovation for a major public school system. Her work provides teachers with the critical digital tools and resources they need to prepare their students for success, engage with parents, and drive their professional development. She is a graduate of Harvard University and resides in Washington, DC.